Rustic Italian Sauces

Italian cuisine features many different sauces varying from diverse regions of the country. Each sauce reflects the  in which it originated.

Pesto, meaning “to crush,” originated in Genoa.  The mountain towns of the region of Liguria are a lush prime location to grow produce, especially basil which is Liguria’s most famous and abundant flora. Basil is the primary ingredient in pesto along with; crushed garlic, grated parmigiano, olive oil and pine nuts. Commonly used on pasta, potatoes and green beans.

Puttanesca is a spicy and tangy Southern Italian salsa. “It originated in the 1950s when many restaurants were low on ingredients because of a low economy. Cooks created this sauce out of what little ingredients they had or what they called, ‘puttanata’, meaning something easy and a derivative of the Italian word for ‘whore’.” -René Miniati Florence, Italy. This sauce incorporates ingredients abundant in the Bay of Naples including; chili peppers, olives, capers and diced tomatoes.

Carbonara was created in Rome during the second World War. This sauce made use of the bounty of eggs and bacon provided to Italians by American soldiers. Coming from the Italian word carbone, meaning coal, it is attributed to the coal miner’s of the time period.” -Luciano Bardi, Professor of Italian History, Florence, Italy. Ingredients include; egg, pancetta (Italian bacon), black pepper, olive oil and pecorino romano.

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